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When we set out to check the new 10 week old German Shepherd puppies who had just arrived from Germany, my heart was set on a black-tan female. At Egon Vollrath's place, one of the greatest contributors to the U.S. Schutzhund world. In the kennel we tried to coax out the black and tan female but she kept hiding in the kennel. The sable male pranced around the yard exploring bravely and his sister,, the now infamous Hella came up to us tail wagging tongue-licking, "Pick ME" she said. How could we refuse? Little did I know that this characteristic temperament would be the kind of German Shepherd dog that I would ultimately be breeding at Von Alcazar Zwinger.

SG, Hella vom Eisfeld, SchH1, KKL2, OFA good

Hella proved to be everything that I hoped for in a dog. Smart, inquisitive, resourceful, playful, impeccable, drive to please, healthy and an awesome broad German Shepherd bitch who became the pillar of Von Alcazar Zwinger. Hella's call name was "Spunky", very appropriate name for a dog. Even at the young age of 12 she was busy chasing flies- one of her favorite pastimes.

The name Alcazar Zwinger literally means "fortress kennel." Alcazar in Spanish means fortress. I used to live on Alcazar street and so came the name

My goals at Alcazar Zwinger have always been to produce a German Shepherd dog sound in character, sound in body, and with correct structure. Even though I brought up Hella as a "house pet" she excelled at Schutzhund. At our Schutzhund 1 trial she scored the highest of any German Shepherd dog in her protection work and Tom Mitchell expressed delight saying "this is the kind of protection I like to see."

Over the years I titled more German Shepherd dogs. I also exported German Shepherd dogs to Germany and took many bitches to Germany for breeding, always striving for true combinations of work and show. In 1993 the United Schutzhund Club (U.S.C.) awarded me with the coveted BORN IN THE USA AWARD, awarded to the top breeder who produced the highest ranking female bred in America. V-Cinder-Alcazar Zwinger. The highest placing v-rated female at the USA Sieger show.

I also have maintained the position as one of the top 10 breeders in America with U.S.C. I find it interesting as my German Shepherd Breeding program has been extremely small in comparison to those who rank above me. My quality is I simply a result of good stock not mass production.

Alcazar Zwinger has a few select breedings a year and we offer german shepherd dogs for sale, as well as german shepherd puppies for sale.


LARGE, MALE, German Shepherd
FREE to good home
120 lbs.
Black and Tan
Bred by Oroville Police Department

Malka Nagel
(408) 472 2506

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